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Our Ministries

Here you will find a list of all of our Parish ministries, Call or our email our parish for more information on how to get more involved

Finance Counsel

Jim Cavnar - President

CCD Religious Education

Pamala Trage - Director

Coffee + Donuts

Jackie Degrave - Director

Parish Counsel

Jim Cavnar - President

Hunger Program Outreach

Susana Ramos - President

Learn More Click Below

Men's Club

Duke Megnauth - President

Music Ministry (Spn)

Luz Angela Restrepo - Director

PAX Christi

Art Kane-President


Joanie Archbold - Director

St Vincent De Paul Society

Maria Dibeneditto - Director

Women's Club

Madeline Flaherty-President

Bible study/Spanish

Gladys Ramirez - Director

Charismatic Prayer Group

Jack Peletier (EN) - Director
Pilar Hernandez (SP) - Director

Eucharistic Ministers

Bob Stein - Director


Rose de Armas - Director


James Cavnar-(ENG)Director Vilma Zuniga (SP) - Director

Music Ministry (Eng)

Sheryl Dillon-Jones - Director

Pastoral Care to the Sick

Bob Stein - Director


Sheryl Dillon-Jones, Bob Stein - Directors


Ashley Ronnan - Director


Neil Kapp - Director

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